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Kids' Page

Hi, kids! This part of the site is for YOU.

I bet you are about 4 years old! Soon you will go to Kindergarten at a school. You will learn lots of new things there! Click to Listen!

Kindergarten will be a little bit different, and a lot of fun! Ask your adult to read you some books about it! Click here for a list of good ones.

You can get ready for school by trying some new things, too. Here are a few ideas!

 Practice saying your address and phone number!

Your adult can teach you the numbers and words for where you live and how to call your family on the phone. Congratulations! You know all about where you live! Click to Listen!


First, count to the highest number you can. How far can you go? Next, count some things in your house, like pretzels or legos or chairs. For extra fun, try counting how many times you can hop on one foot. You sure can hop and count a lot!
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 Have Fun With Letters!

Write your first name on a paper. (Get help from your adult if you need it!) For each letter in your name, think of lots of other words that begin with that sound. For example, if your name is Seth, start with the letter S. What sound do you hear? ssssss. What other words start with that sound? Snake! School! Skunk! Skate! Seat! You know the letter sounds! Click to Listen!

 Open stuff!

At school, it is best if you can open juice boxes and other things in your lunch box without help. Ask your adult to help you practice doing it by yourself! Try closing stuff, too! Also, practice zipping your own coat and buttoning your own pants. You can be very proud of how you take care of yourself!
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