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To succeed as a child care provider takes child development knowledge, a nurturing personality and love of working with children.

To run a successful child care small business requires different knowledge and skills. For example, business owners must set a budget, market their business to attract customers, track business expenses and manage billing and collections for their services. 

In addition to local training on these topics, many online resources exist to help great child care providers to become successful business owners, too.

Check out some of the great resources at the links below!

Red Leaf National Institute
Guidance and support on the business aspects of family child care.

Red Leaf Press
Books and tools for running a home-based child care business.

Minute Menu Pro (CK Kids) Software
A web-based, affordable software to manage every aspect of a child care business.

CFED Self-employment Tax Initiative 
Tips and tools for record-keeping and filing taxes as a self-employed child care provider.

National Association for Family Child Care
Information on membership, conferences, accreditation and more.

National Association of Child Care Professionals
Membership-based association serving child care owerns, directors and administrators.

NYS Department of Labor

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)



Learn about C.A.$.H. ,the local free tax preparation service, here! 

Confused about calculating time-space percentage for your family child care business? Listen to an audio tip by Tom Copeland of Red Leaf National Institute!


Men enjoy better overall health after becoming fathers. Reduced contact with the law and increased work productivity are also reported for all social groups.

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