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Parent Learning Opportunities

Why It Matters

Parents are their child's first and best teachers. Because of this special relationship, experiences between parents and children can strongly influence a child's development.

Parenting Doesn't Come Naturally
Even though everyone has talents they bring to the job of raising healthy children, parents (even experienced ones) face challenges that make them second-guess their abilities. Because of the myth that parenting comes naturally, many moms and dads are reluctant to ask for help. But parenting really doesn't come naturally. It is a really hard job and it takes skills - skills that anyone can learn.

All parents can benefit from refreshing and enhancing their knowledge so they are ready to skillfully address the common challenges of parenthood.


You can teach your young child as you go about your normal day. Check out Learning On The Go from Born Learning to find out how.

Try these fun activities with Dad!


An incoming kindergartner should have a basic understanding of feelings.

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